• Here’s the story of Jones Day lawyer Mark Rasmussen’s interest in and practice in blockchain.
  • From the International Bar Association (IBA), this discussion of trends in globalization. AI is mentioned as a force somewhat immune to borders. “Now they’re looking at technology, they’re looking at artificial intelligence, and they are concerned that, with technology

  • AI is already doing a lot of journalistic writing of clinical reports, sports stories, financial reports and the like. They’ll be moving into law firm “content marketing” before you know it. Here’s some good background as to how it works and where it’s headed.
  • The thesis of this article is:

“AI has not yet

  • Here’s a big milestone that should impact the practice and business of law. Microsoft’s speech recognition can now transcribe human speech with a 5.1% error rate — the same error rate as humans. There are still challenges, “such as achieving human levels of recognition in noisy environments with distant microphones, in recognizing accented speech, or

I expect a flood of interesting developments from ILTACON17 this week. I’ll do my best to focus on the essentials. I won’t post links to every press release (e.g.), only those with an interesting story or, IMHO, really breakthrough tech. (It’s still early Monday morning so there’s not yet much news from Vegas,