• This seems to be promising an awful lot. I have not investigated, but will look for more information. For now, here’s part of the post:

Leading artificial intelligence company iFlytek Co Ltd is developing an AI-enabled system to assist courts in judging criminal cases….(T)he company was authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology

  • From Down Under: Dean of Swinburne Law School, Professor Dan Hunter, and Swinburne researcher Professor Mirko Bagaric say artificial intelligence (AI) could improve sentencing procedures by removing emotional bias and human error. Seems these gentlemen are unaware of 2017’s several instances of AI exhibiting bias and even racism. AI has a way to go

  • This post from the Brookings Institution argues that “It’s time for our justice system to embrace AI.” The purposes are to reduce bias and increase efficiency in “assess(ing) various risks, from the likelihood that a defendant will skip bail to the likelihood that a potential parolee will reoffend.” AI can also result in reduced