• This article by Joanna Goodman (author of Robots in Law: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Legal Services) is an excellent recap of a Luminance-sponsored roundtable discussion by in-house counsel of the AI tools they have used and their success with them. It also touches on the changes going on in the legal world generally. It’s

Y’all come! I’m be speaking on my home turf, the southeast, at LMA luncheons in Richmond (today), Nashville (Thursday) and Atlanta (Friday) this week. As always, I’ll present the latest in AI generally, and especially as related to the legal industry.

  • AI is not just for huge, IT-savvy entities anymore. Many are now providing

  • Important: According to this article from Law360, “general counsel are diverting work away from the large law firms they have used for generations and are instead handling matters internally via new technologies, staffing models and processes that have hit the market.” This is in no small way related to “a nearly sixfold increase in patents