• AI news from Manzama: Manzama Signals is ready for prime time. “Manzama Signals is our newest innovation designed to help firms leapfrog the competition by using proprietary algorithms to identify activities or indicators that may signal opportunities for law firms thereby helping legal professionals to better act upon opportunities. Signals employs data driven models to

  • Spanish law firm Garrigues announced a Spanish-speaking artificially intelligent “robot” called “Proces@,” a tool capable of indexing and analysing the documents from courts or clients in almost any format (audio, video, text images, electronic documents, etc.).
  • Legal Marketers in particular should check out this post about AI CRM leader Salesforce (myEinstein) and relevant developments

  • AI is already doing a lot of journalistic writing of clinical reports, sports stories, financial reports and the like. They’ll be moving into law firm “content marketing” before you know it. Here’s some good background as to how it works and where it’s headed.
  • The thesis of this article is:

“AI has not yet

  • Ready for your weekend reading? Here’s the introduction to McKinsey’s new comprehensive report on the state and future of AI. Here’s the full 80-page PDF. In typical McKinsey style, it includes case studies, a lot of useful data, a comprehensive set of references and several informative infographics. (See above.)

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