• Read this ==> Here’s “Stagnation And The Legal Industry (Part 2) What Real Transformative Change Could Look Like: Envisioning a radically changed future for legal services,” the followup to Ken Grady’s recent provocative piece. The first step he describes (digitization of contracts, laws, decisions, etc.) is not at all far fetched. Then Ken gets into

  • From Jones Day: “Protecting Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Innovations Through Patents: Subject Matter Eligibility.” The Alice test is discussed in some detail.
  • Legal Talk Network: Sharon Nelson and John Simek (Sensei Enterprises) talk to Bob Ambrogi (Lexblog) and Andrew Arruda (ROSS) about “Creating Your Own Legal Tech Startup” with focus on

  • Paul Allen is investing $125 million in his ‘Project Alexandria’: “… a long-term research effort to set benchmarks for common-sense AI, develop crowdsourcing methods to learn how humans use common sense, build a repository of common-sense knowledge, and use that knowledge to build better AI tools for tasks ranging from machine translation to

  • As expected, AI-wise, Legaltech kicked off strong yesterday, including an “AI Bootcamp” called, “Use Cases and Applications of AI in Legal Services.” One of the earliest summaries I have seen is this from Artificial Lawyer. I’m especially pleased to see the emphasis on Access to Justice (A2J). The summary includes:

“(AI) can help you do

  • From ROSS, here are results of interviews with 15 GCs regarding the future of AI in law. Opinions are very mixed (across companies and regions), but most believe major changes will be caused by AI making legal service delivery more efficient. Beyond that, most specific expectations are held by only a few of those

  • Richard Susskind:  By 2036, he posits, “It is neither hyperbolic nor fanciful to expect that the legal profession will have changed beyond recognition.” Check out this article for comments by several others regarding the future impact of AI on lawyering. (My prognostication is that Susskind’s predictions are closer to what we’ll see than those of