• Will an A.I. Ever Become Sentient? “The quest for artificial intelligence could yield something that not only out-thinks humanity but can also feel like us.” Interesting (long) post here.
  • Also from Medium: Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness and the Self. This one too is interesting but rather long.
  • Capital One AI

When I started this blog seven months ago (and posts to a Facebook group about a year ago), I mentioned several times that law firms would be well advised to include mention of AI in their alerts, blog posts and other content marketing to show that they “get it” regarding this important technology, and to

  • Another tool for in-house legal departments to manage their spend on outside counsel:  “Bodhala is a legal spend analytics platform that analyzes e-billing invoices and other legal data to provide insights into legal procurement market trends. Essentially, the platform empowers legal professionals to make strategic hiring and financial decisions by comparing their spend to