• Here’s a very interesting article from Oxford’s Internet Institute and Faculty of Law. It’s more than six months old, but I just found it. Artificial Intelligence Crime: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Foreseeable Threats and Solutions. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and regulation seek to balance the benefits of innovation against any potential harms and disruption. However,

  • Here’s some good news from North Carolina: North Carolina Bar considers requiring technology CLE credits. (Note the word “considers”.) “If adopted, the amendments will go into effect in 2019.” This is in response to “the American Bar Association … amendment to Comment 8 to Model Rule 1.1 in 2012. The comment imposed an ethical

  • Here’s a teaser for an upcoming “robot lawyer” tool (“Lisa”) that “will enable you to create property-related legal agreements with the other party, together, helping you both find a middle ground as quickly and cost effectively as possible.”
  • This report from MIT’s Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group is an outstanding overview

  • “See a robot lawyer in action.” This webinar shows tools from Neota Logic, HighQ and RAVN (now part of iManage) combined to evaluate a real estate lease portfolio.

Artificial Lawyer discusses another combination; in this case, Neota, Kira and HighQ working together to create a “real estate solution for Linklaters’ Australian ally, Allens.”

  • Better,