• AI news from Manzama: Manzama Signals is ready for prime time. “Manzama Signals is our newest innovation designed to help firms leapfrog the competition by using proprietary algorithms to identify activities or indicators that may signal opportunities for law firms thereby helping legal professionals to better act upon opportunities. Signals employs data driven models to

My biggest takeaway from last week’s CES show in Vegas is that as 2018 begins, voice assistants, especially Amazon Alexa and Google Home, are the hottest things going. Similar tech is offered by Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, but they lag far behind. Just about everyone seems convinced that voice interfaces are here to stay

  • Content Marketing: New York-based multi-language newspaper publisher The Epoch Times is published in 21 languages in 35 countries with 105 million page views and 20 million monthly website visitors. They will use OpenDNA’s artificial intelligence technology to gather insights into the millions of online readers and subscribers to help it deliver more personalised news

  • Here’s a teaser for an upcoming “robot lawyer” tool (“Lisa”) that “will enable you to create property-related legal agreements with the other party, together, helping you both find a middle ground as quickly and cost effectively as possible.”
  • This report from MIT’s Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group is an outstanding overview

  • Here are some interesting reasons that AI won’t completely replace humans in areas such as negotiation. There may be some long term hope for lawyers!
  • As Big Data gets bigger and bigger, law firms and law schools are hiring more privacy experts. Here are some examples from Baker Hostetler, Panetta & Associati Law Firm,