• A cheery way to start the day (NOT!): Future elections may be swayed by intelligent, weaponized chatbots. This post does not have a happy ending. “Bots versed in human language remain outliers for now. It still requires substantial expertise, computing power, and training data to equip bots with state-of-the-art language-processing algorithms. But it’s not

  • During the second day of the Dar Al Khaleej Conference on AI in Dubai, the Chairman of the Private Law Department at United Arab Emirates University, Dr. Emad Abdel Rahim Dahiyat, presented a paper on the Legislative and Legal Framework for Artificial Intelligence Institutions in the UAE. “…(I)t is necessary to review legislations pertaining

  • I’ve been predicting for a while that law firms will begin using tools like Automated Insights (WordSmith) and Narrative Science (Quill) to draft client alerts and other market-facing material. WordSmith already generates more than 1.5 billion pieces of content per year for clients including Microsoft, The Associated Press, Cisco, Yahoo, and PwC. Now comes Primer

  • Another tool for in-house legal departments to manage their spend on outside counsel:  “Bodhala is a legal spend analytics platform that analyzes e-billing invoices and other legal data to provide insights into legal procurement market trends. Essentially, the platform empowers legal professionals to make strategic hiring and financial decisions by comparing their spend to

  • This paper from Harvard Journal of Law & Technology discusses AI’s challenges to the US legal system and the need for regulation.

“…the unique features of AI and the manner in which AI can be developed present both practical and conceptual challenges for the legal system. These challenges must be confronted if the legal system