• Must Read: LawGeex is/are back with the 2018 edition of their LegalTech Buyer’s Guide. As promised, it provides: “130+ top technology solutions, definitive step-by-step guide on buying legal tech, first-person accounts from law departments, in-depth analysis of leading players in 16 categories of legal tech, and jargon-free explanation of legal “buzzwords.” Of course my favorite section is “AI: From Buzzword to Bulwark.”


  • From AustraliasianLawyer.com: “Several law firms are working with Tel Aviv-based legal tech venture LitiGate to further develop and test a litigation platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate legal research and argument assessment in relation to High Court applications. Taylor Wessing, Miscon de Reya, and BakerMcKenzie are working with the tech firm which aims to revolutionize legal services. Ben Allgrove, Baker McKenzie’s Global R&D Partner, says investing in new technology is paramount. “Technology and AI are transforming the delivery of legal services and our partnership with LitiGate is a great opportunity for us to support them develop cutting edge legal tech solutions, and ultimately shape the future of law. This collaboration is a core part of our innovation strategy and we look forward to embarking on this journey with LitiGate.”



  • Legal chatbot will tell you whether new EU data laws apply to your South African business: “Norton Rose Fulbright has launched a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that responds on the new European Union data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).” Story here.


  • From Artificial Lawyer, “Pan-African law firm, Bowmans, has chosen Kira Systems for AI-driven review work in M&A, private equity and compliance matters.”


  •  Also from Artificial Lawyer, news of another player in the contract review field. “A new legal AI-driven contract review company, Heretik, which operates primarily through the well-known Relativity ediscovery platform, could well be the shape of things to come.”


  • Press release: “Swedish corporate law firm Setterwalls has selected Luminance’s artificial intelligence platform to improve the efficiency of its due diligence process in M&A transactions.”


  • Check out ‘Legal Robot‘, According to Inc.com, it’s “an AI-powered “legal advisor” that helps both lawyers and consumers build contracts. Built to overcome the difficulty of understanding legal language, the app uses deep learning and natural language processing to create models of contracts for various scenarios and uses. It can then translate the terminology into layman’s terms, compare documents to create a language benchmark for consistency, and ensure compliance. The app aims to help businesses identify risks and pinpoint their specific blind spots in creating contracts, and its ability to learn and transform its understanding boosts its likelihood of doing that.”


  • Amazon develops a new health team for its Alexa division. “Causing stocks to plunge across the pharmaceutical industry, to working with existing healthcare providers in a number of initiatives, the e-commerce giant is set to explore the potential of its voice-recognition technology further through its new health and wellness team.” Details here.


  •  This from SPACENEWS and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Artificial intelligence is changing everything, ‘We need a different mentality.’ “NGA’s answer is what the agency calls its “triple A” strategy: automation, augmentation, AI. “We intend to apply triple A by the end of this year to every image we ingest,” said Poole. It will be a massive undertaking. Just over the past year, NGA ingested more than 12 million images and generated more than 50 million indexed observations.”



  • Here’s a peek under the hood of the math and science behind Machine Learning.
  • This article presents evolution of DoNotPay, the first RoboLawyer, a chatbot for fighting parking tickets, landlord disputes and getting compensation for delayed flights.
  • As has been the case with other technologies, AI technology is moving much faster than regulation. The same is true with the myriad ethical concerns involving AI. In this half-hour podcast Rob High, IBM Watson’s Chief Technology Officer, discusses the ethical concerns associated with chatbots.

and this article presents Tim Cook’s (Apple’s CEO) thoughts on the subject.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during Commencement Exercises at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., June 9, 2017. REUTERS/Brian Snyder
REUTERS/Brian Snyder
  • If you have folks attending Legal Tech West this week who might be interested in multi-country eDiscovery, the FRONTEO booth might be worth a visit.
  • The impact of AI on HR does not get enough focus. It is especially important that your L&E attorneys stay abreast of these evolving technologies and their potential impact on your clients’ legal issues. Here’s an example of how fast this area is evolving and how major players are leading the charge.

This piece provides a good summary of today’s most important applications of AI in the provision of legal services, a bit of a look into the near future and a discussion of the ethical considerations inherent in AI and the law. As is often the case with rapidly evolving technologies, laws and regulation substantially lag AI’s capabilities (not just in the practice of law). A few governments (e.g., the UK and EU) are taking steps to catch up, but none are where they need to be.


Ethical Conundrums in AI