Beginning today, this blog will no longer cover cybersecurity or blockchain per se. There’s just too much out there for me to do justice to AI and blockchain (including cryprocurrencies). I will continue to include news about blockchain that is directly AI-related. At the same time, I will redouble my efforts to cover access

  • In this article, Burr Forman associate E. Travis Ramsey, discusses the coming relevance of AI to appellate advocacy, including: (1) compiling the appellate record; (2) written advocacy; and (3) oral advocacy. He concludes with: (reasonable, in my opinion) “AI will play a role in appellate advocacy, and it will begin by supplementing the work

  • Even beyond spotting your friends on Facebook and Google, facial recognition has been getting a LOT of press recently. For instance, the latest iPhone 8 rumors suggest that the fingerprint reader may be replaced by facial recognition. This article discusses its use in eDiscovery to, as with so many manifestations of AI, make things better,