• Will an A.I. Ever Become Sentient? “The quest for artificial intelligence could yield something that not only out-thinks humanity but can also feel like us.” Interesting (long) post here.
  • Also from Medium: Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness and the Self. This one too is interesting but rather long.
  • Capital One AI

  • This story has received VERY wide coverage, with headlines including:

Stephen Schwarzman Makes Anchor Gift For New $1 Billion School Of Artificial Intelligence At MIT;

MIT announces $1b outlay for study of artificial intelligence, computing; 

M.I.T. Plans College for Artificial Intelligence, Backed by $1 Billion;

MIT commits $1 billion to make AI part

  • Follow #CoLPM for the latest from The College of Law Practice Management’s “Futures Conference” today and tomorrow. This year, it’s all AI, all the time.

  • This post by Dean Sonderegger, VP and GM at Wolters Kluwer (published in Above the Law) is optimistic that its finally time for AI in law to come of

Here’s PwC’s up-to-date and quite comprehensive overview of the state of AI and related subjects. It’s lengthy but very good. Useful and fresh resources are linked at the end.