• This story has received VERY wide coverage, with headlines including:

Stephen Schwarzman Makes Anchor Gift For New $1 Billion School Of Artificial Intelligence At MIT;

MIT announces $1b outlay for study of artificial intelligence, computing; 

M.I.T. Plans College for Artificial Intelligence, Backed by $1 Billion;

MIT commits $1 billion to make AI part

  • From Law360BigLaw’s High Costs Drive Cos. Toward Boutique Law Firms. I expect the same forces that are driving companies to engage smaller law firms (i.e., desire for better, faster, cheaper services) are driving them to Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) and firms employing technology to better leverage their attorneys’ work.

  • This post on the LMA’s Strategies+ blog (originally from last month’s issue of the magazine Strategies) has a bit of a clickbait title, “AI Is the Future of Everything, Right? Not So Fast.” The actual substance is a list of seven things law firms could be doing now to improve the business of their

  • This post from “legal automation provider,” Plexus exposes much of the hype associated with AI in legal (largely because of systems masquerading as AI that aren’t really), but predicts that, “in the short-term, clients should expect to be disappointed by promises of A.I. In the long term, they should expect to be astounded.”
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