• From ROSS, here are results of interviews with 15 GCs regarding the future of AI in law. Opinions are very mixed (across companies and regions), but most believe major changes will be caused by AI making legal service delivery more efficient. Beyond that, most specific expectations are held by only a few of those

  • “Keoghs has launched what it calls the “first true” AI insurance lawyer. … “Lauri,” will initially handle avoidable litigation cases. Keoghs says that this will provide insurers with transformative speed and ease of service while handing the power back to handlers and reducing cost in the process.” Much more here.

Last week’s College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference was all AI and pretty amazing. I won’t try to summarize it here. For a recap, check out my Twitter feed (@MarkTGreene). Next year’s conference will be at the Soffolk University Law School in Boston, October 25-26. The focus will be cybersecurity.

  • If your firm