• I was intrigued by the title (Ghosts in the Machine: Revisited), enthralled by the infographics and impressed by the content. If you’re at all interested in the impact of AI on financial institutions, check out this beautiful report from Baker McKenzie. “…(I)t’s clear that institutions, from banks to insurers, asset managers to payment

  • AI should soon have a seat at the table regarding the business of law, not just the practice of law. As this article from the HBR explains, business strategy can become much more powerful through application of AI.

“The processing power of four smart consultants with excel spreadsheets is minuscule in comparison to a single

  • This article presents four solid strategies for improving customer/client engagement. They may be a bit of a stretch for a law firm, but none are far out of reach and each should be considered.

Offer an omni-channel experience.

Understand the customer’s changing needs via AI.

Get specific with machine learning.

Make digital communications interactive.