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  • White paper from the World Economic Forum: Artificial Intelligence Collides with Patent Law. ” …(T)he risks borne by AI require further timely dialogue on critical implicated patent law issues among patent law’s relevant actors (e.g. legislators, judges, academics, practitioners) and  stakeholders (e.g. scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, technologists), as well as with nonpatent professionals from diverse backgrounds

I expect a flood of interesting developments from ILTACON17 this week. I’ll do my best to focus on the essentials. I won’t post links to every press release (e.g.), only those with an interesting story or, IMHO, really breakthrough tech. (It’s still early Monday morning so there’s not yet much news from Vegas,

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  • Altman Weil has released its 2017 Law Firms in Transition Survey. One of the questions is: “Technology tools that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning — like Watson and Ross — are beginning to be adopted by some law firms. What is your firm’s stance on the use of AI tools?” With this narrow definition, only 7.5% “are already beginning to make use of these tools.” Of course, many more than this are already using eDiscovery and other forms of AI. In these survey results there is a very strong positive correlation between size of firm and use of AI tools.



“[AI is] doing for minds what the Industrial Revolution did for muscles.”



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Here’s PwC’s up-to-date and quite comprehensive overview of the state of AI and related subjects. It’s lengthy but very good. Useful and fresh resources are linked at the end.