Strategic Planning

Many strategic plans are little more than wish lists and platitudes with little thought to actual implementation. Strong plans give concrete specifics as to what your business will and will not do to thrive. Our unique market intelligence-based approach provides a sound basis for these tough choices.



Effective brands are based on more than the ideas of smart people brainstorming around a table. They differentiate you from competitors based on what buyers actually care about and what you can actually deliver.


Client Feedback Program Design and Implementation

Our hybrid approach provides qualitative deep dives with key clients, and unbiased, statistically sound data regarding your strengths and weaknesses as perceived by your client base as a whole.


Competitive Intelligence/Market Research

These days, everyone has mountains of data at their fingertips; that’s table stakes. Our proprietary data collection and analytic tools provide information and insights to give you a competitive edge.


Marketing and Business Development Planning

Gut instinct rarely results in optimal marketing plans; intelligence-driven analysis does. We use state-of-the-art techniques to develop the marketing and business development plan that will best support the achievement of your strategic goals.


Marketing Department Restructuring

Marketing and business development departments often evolve over time with people who simply cannot deliver what is needed. We help you reorganize and restaff departments.