Business leaders face myriad decisions each and every day, with each choice an exercise in risk management. In most cases, the risk is negligible or the best course is obvious. Then, there are the important decisions where precedent and sound judgment just aren’t enough. That’s when you need Market Intelligence.

We take the wealth of data available within your organization, in public databases, and through custom research, analyze it and provide actionable insights. This enables you to substantially reduce the risk in almost any business decision.  We present recommendations in plain English that will stand up to challenges by executives, board members, and shareholders.

For more than 30 years, in global corporations, as a consultant and later as CMO/Marketing Director for four AmLaw 200 law firms, Mark Greene studied and improved upon the best and most innovative business practices of those organizations. The result is a straightforward approach to integrated process improvement, advanced statistical analysis, economics, competitive intelligence, and market research techniques that can improve decision-making processes in any service business.

Whether your decisions involve strategic planning, marketing, geographic expansion, service line extension, or client acquisition and retention, we are uniquely qualified to help manage your risks.