My last post included many predictions for the year ahead, several of which were at least somewhat redundant, so unless I see something really different, I will not post such going forward. That said, these predictions about IP are from very credible sources and some offer fresh insights. From IP WatchdogLooking Forward: Predictions and Thoughts for 2019. The thoughts about upcoming regulatory changes (or the lack thereof) are especially interesting. Also, Jeffrey Rosenthal of Blank Rome has some interesting thoughts about IoT regulation here (plus a link to another article of predictions).


  • There is some fresh thinking here too, as Ari Kaplan interviewed three folks at Orrick. Wendy Curtis, chief innovation officer; Kate Orr, senior innovation counsel; and Daryl Shetterly director of Orrick Analytics. A roadmap for law firm innovation in 2019. “The time of talking about lawyers and nonlawyers is over. That distinction as a defining factor in a law firm culture has to stop.”


  • Bob Ambrogi postedEvisort’s New Document Analyzer Offers Out-of-the-Box AI to Mine All A Company’s Contracts. This is a thorough review.


  • Dan Bindman posted this on Legal FuturesEU urges ethics guidance to make AI ‘trustworthy. “The European Union has added its voice to the growing call for artificial intelligence (AI) to be regulated, with draft ethics guidelines that underline it must be human-centric and trustworthy to be effective.”


  • This, from Live MintIndian law firms evolve practice to keep up with India Inc. “Indian law firms are developing newer practice areas—from forensic to artificial intelligence (AI) and from blockchain to defence advisory—to keep pace with the evolving nature of businesses and the attendant changes in law.”


  • Read this →. Thanks to Above the Law and of eDPM Advisory Services for these excellent Top 10 ‘New Rules’ For 2019.