• READ THIS from Helen Gunnarsson of the ABA via Bloomberg Law, reporting on the panel, “Ethics Issues in Lawyers’ Use of Artificial Intelligence,” that took place May 31 at the 44th ABA National Conference on Professional Responsibility in Louisville: Billable Hour ‘Makes No Sense’ in an AI World. “The panelists provided examples of how the use of artificial intelligence can enhance lawyers’ efficiency.” “Panelists see a future where lawyer’s failure to use AI will be ethical lapse, malpractice liability.”


  • This essay from Richard Tromans the founder of Tromans Consulting and Artificial Lawyer is also very much worth reading: Law Firms are Inefficiency Factories, Automation is the Cure. “…(T)he real issue is this: if automation can help, even fractionally (and I’d argue it can help a lot more than that), why are law firms so slow to adopt this technology? The answer is of course: many lawyers observe that selling inefficiency is a pillar of their livelihoods.”


  • This blog by Aird Berlis continues to provide links to relevant AI content. They don’t provide a lot, but for each item referenced they provide a “key quote” and “why it matters.” (I wish I had time to be so thorough with each of my references.)


  • Here’s another blog that covers legal AI (among other things), They hit some of the same stories that you’ll find here and more. “Here’s what’s trending in the legal industry: legal entrepreneurs, alternative business structures for law firms, legal tech for law departments, law firms and change, problems at Norton Rose, the future of artificial intelligence and more!”


  • Goldman Sachs is backing a London startup that uses AI to read complex legal documents. “London-based Eigen uses artificial intelligence technology to read legal and financial documents, making it easier for lawyers and bankers to analyse complex contracts — everything from derivatives to land deeds — and find specific clauses. Goldman Sachs is a customer, as are Linklaters, Evercore, and ING.” More here.


  • Baker McKenzie launches artificial intelligence robot in Paris. “Baker McKenzie has launched AI personal assistant Lancelaw, providing its lawyers with a weekly selection of both relevant and personalised news on the transformation of the law profession as well as innovation.” (Note: so far, this is for internal use.)

More about law firm chatbots here.

Law firms have a LONG way to go to catch up to chatbots in financial services. “Bank of America today announced that it has surpassed 1 million users on Erica, the first widely available AI-driven virtual assistant in financial services, available to clients in its mobile banking app. The milestone was reached within two months of completing its phased rollout, making Erica available to mobile clients nationwide.”


  • This from Norton Rose. “The European Commission has labelled AI as one of the most strategic technologies of the 21st Century (so far of course) and has proposed a three-pronged approach to EU members which is worth considering….”


  • This from Deloitte: “Leading organizations are increasingly integrating human and machine intelligence for forensic investigations. By combining technological analysis—including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and statistical concepts of cognitive analytics—with deep investigator understanding of fraudster motives and methods, many are identifying, investigating and thwarting fraud schemes more effectively and efficiently than ever before.”



  • From our creepy AI desk: “MIT is using radar and artificial intelligence to sense people’s postures and movement, even through a wall.” AI technique to sense posture through walls, help monitor Parkinson’s. More coverage herehere and here.