• Here’s some good news from North Carolina: North Carolina Bar considers requiring technology CLE credits. (Note the word “considers”.) “If adopted, the amendments will go into effect in 2019.” This is in response to “the American Bar Association … amendment to Comment 8 to Model Rule 1.1 in 2012. The comment imposed an ethical duty on lawyers to stay abreast of changes in technology.” “…(I)n 2016, Florida became the first state to require that lawyers complete 3 credits of legal technology CLE per biennial cycle as part of their obligation to stay abreast of changes in technology.” No other state has yet done so.


  • Press release: “Every other week, the K&L Gates’ Blockchain Energizer will highlight emerging issues or stories relating to the use of blockchain technology in the energy space. To subscribe to the Blockchain Energizer newsletter, please click here.”


  • From Artificial LawyerSmart Contract Checker, Sagewise, Links with Hedera Hashgraph. The post includes an interesting and useful explanation of the smart contract (i.e., blockchain) technologies involved. “…(T)he Hedera Hashgraph platform provides, it says, ‘a new form of distributed consensus; [which is] a way for people who don’t know or trust each other to securely collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary’.”


  • Regarding AI’s promise of “better, faster, cheaper,” check out this post from Artificial Lawyer regarding the “better” aspect. Casetext Survey Finds ‘Shocking’ Level of Missing Relevant Cases in US Courts.


  • Here comes a huge investment in AI and blockchain:

Coverage hereAnt Financial seals largest single fund raising round in history. “Eric Jing, executive chairman and CEO of Ant Financial, says: “…(T)he company will invest in developing its blockchain, AI, security, IoT and computing capabilities to upgrade its global technology platform for the next generation.”

And here: Jack Ma’s Chinese Fintech Firm Just Raised so Much Money It’s Now Worth More Than Goldman Sachs. “The round gives the Jack Ma-controlled company a valuation of $150 billion, which doesn’t just make it the most valuable privately-held tech firm in the world—the second-most-valuable, Uber, is worth around $70 billion—it even makes the Alibaba payment affiliate more valuable than financial veterans American Express (which has a market cap of $87 billion), Goldman Sachs ($88 billion), and Morgan Stanley ($92 billion.)” “The money will be used for international expansion, and for further investment in Ant’s technology—think blockchain, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and so on.”


  • From Robinson+Cole‘s Kathryn Rattigan: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping the Drone Industry. (It’s VERY brief.)


  • Here‘s a bit of a Friday thought piece for you (from LexisNexis’ Jeff Reihl and Rick McFarland via Law.com): Navigating the Fear and Promise of Artificial Intelligence. It’s a relatively brief but solid overview of AI in legal practice today. It’s positive about AI, but never really reaches a conclusion regarding the issue raised in the first paragraph: “… (S)ome have expressed fear that robot-lawyers will replace legal professionals.”