• Finally! (And a bit late), AI news from CLOC: Maybe AI Can’t Do Everything, but Corporate Legal’s Still Trying to Adopt.
    “Legal operations directors from Walmart and Nationwide gave their artificial intelligence adoption strategies at the 2018 CLOC Conference.”


  • From Artificial Lawyer, an interesting essay by Alistair Wye, of iManage’s RAVN, The Challenge of Law Firm Innovation.


  • From Jones Day: (The Japanese) Cabinet Approves and Submits to the Diet the Bill to Partially Amend the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. “The Copyright Act Amendment Bill (excluding certain provisions) is scheduled to come into force on January 1, 2019. The enactment of the Copyright Act Amendment Bill is expected to accelerate advanced technological development in fields such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.”


  • Ready for the GDPR? No? According to this survey, it seems you’re not alone. Survey: Only 7 per cent of businesses GDPR-compliant as deadline looms, data privacy gains prominence.


  • From HBR a couple of years ago: The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence. Interesting observations re the strengths, limitations and cost savings of prediction.


  • Review of the book Army of None. Conclusion, “… excellent and a must-read for anyone who is interested or working in these areas.” Note: “While Scharre devotes much of the book to explaining recent developments and technical challenges, he does not shy away from legal and ethical issues.”


  • South China Morning Post reports that, “The US government may start scrutinising informal partnerships between American and Chinese companies in the field of artificial intelligence, threatening practices that have long been considered commonplace for technology companies….” This is a fairly long and detailed examination of where we stand with several good links. More coverage here.


  • National support of and investments in AI:

– Britain Spins A Big, Bold Investment In A.I. “The U.K. government announced Thursday that it had put together “an AI deal worth more than £1 billion” that includes public and private funding.”

– In FranceRise Of Les Machines: France’s Macron Pledges $1.5 Billion To Boost AI. A month ago, “Pres. Macron announced Thursday that his government would spend $1.5 billion on a number of initiatives to boost AI research in France, part of an effort to help the country plug a talent and research gap that exists between Europe, and both the U.S. and China.”

EUThe European Commission, an executive of the European Union, has announced it will be more than doubling its investments in artificial intelligence (AI).