• Brave New World of (Robot) Law. “In a new report, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce contemplates not-so-distant questions about robot law.”


  • From Shearman & Sterling: Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Cartel Cases: Risks in Potential Broad Theories of Harm.



  • From Wired: From Fitbits to PlayStations, the justice system is drowning in digital evidence. The article cites experience in Germany, the UK, Australia and Ohio.


  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Corporate Communications. “I have seen a glimpse of the future impact of artificial intelligence on corporate communications – and it is good. AI will bring a new level of trust to information, improve the way information is delivered (i.e., via augmented reality and virtual reality apps) and provide better insights and predictive analytics for decision making by corporate communications professionals.” The post is here.


  • Here’s more on AI in sentiment analysis. This time from China. China’s largest smartphone maker is working on an A.I. that can read human emotions. According to Felix Zhang, vice president of software engineering, “We want to provide emotional interactions.”


  • For your weekend enjoyment, here are posts about AI in the fields of sports, music and weed:

– Xs & Os, 0s & 1s: How Atlanta tech is embedding itself in sports

– From BillboardMusiio uses AI to help the music industry curate tracks more efficiently. “A former streaming industry exec and an AI specialist walk into a bar, they leave starting an AI company for the music industry.”

– How Music Generated by Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping — Not Destroying — The Industry. “…(I)f we take the long view on how technological innovation has made it progressively easier for artists to realize their creative visions, we can see AI’s genuine potential as a powerful tool and partner, rather than as a threat.”

VantagePoint Software’s Artificial Intelligence Now Forecasts Cannabis Stocks. “Traders can now use the platform’s artificial intelligence-based indicators to profitably trade cannabis stocks.” Story here.