• From Jones Day: “Protecting Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Innovations Through Patents: Subject Matter Eligibility.” The Alice test is discussed in some detail.


  • Legal Talk Network: Sharon Nelson and John Simek (Sensei Enterprises) talk to Bob Ambrogi (Lexblog) and Andrew Arruda (ROSS) about “Creating Your Own Legal Tech Startup” with focus on useful tips.


  • From Artificial Lawyer: “Legal AI-driven litigation analytics start-up, Gavelytics, has closed a $3.2m funding round from prominent Southern California investors, including the backers of Legal Zoom and Qualcomm.”


  • AI Regulation:

From Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Ill, ““The future of U.S. innovation is at stake—this should be a cause of concern for everyone.” “This administration’s science, immigration and education policies are all working together to reduce the U.S. lead in AI technologies.”

From the WSJ: “Artificial Intelligence Rules More of Your Life. Who Rules AI?” This is a pretty thorough discussion of the need for regulation.

From the LA Times: “Artificial intelligence can transform industries, but California lawmakers are worried about your privacy.”


  • AI and the environment:

From Science Daily: In a new article published in the journal Conservation Biology, scientists from the University of Helsinki, Digital Geography Lab, argue that methods from artificial intelligence can be used to help monitor the illegal wildlife trade on social media.

From the Environmental Law Institute: “When Software Rules: Rule of Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” Abstract: “This report … provides a brief history of AI and discusses current concerns with AI systems, … an overview of potential environmental applications to AI and discusses different possible forms of semiformal and formal governance, and … provides the private AI sector, programmers, governments, and the public a set of recommendations on how AI governance can include consideration of environmental impacts.”