• ICYMI, over the weekend, John Oliver (HBO’s Last Week Tonight) offered this entertaining warning about investing in cryptocurrencies. Stick around for the “special guest.” (NSFW)


  • From Stanford Law Fellow Eran Kahana, his Top 10 intriguing issues regarding AI and the law. These are all concerning the ‘practice’ (as opposed to ‘business’) of law.


  • Ken Grady’s recent absence from posting has provided a bit more perspective about technology and change in the legal industry. This sobering post includes: “(c)ertainly, some software does amazing things and represents state-of-the-art applications in law. But, that is not the issue. The issue is whether we have updated the fundamental way law is practiced. The answer is a resounding ‘no’.” Ken recalls, “the CLO of one of the Big Four accounting firms came to me and said, ‘We both know the real problem here. We have the tools and ways to radically change legal services for the better. That isn’t the issue. The real issue is that those in the industry are not ready to accept change.’ He was right then and would still be right today.”

He closes this essay with, “(i)In my next post on this topic, I’ll give a glimpse of what that real change could look like.” I certainly look forward to it.


  • Artificial Lawyer reports that “London-based law firm, BLP, … has claimed what it believes to be a first for the English legal system by utilising machine learning predictive coding ‘through to full trial’, in what could be a watershed moment for the technology in the UK.”



  • From Bryan Cave: “Hong Kong Managing Partner Kristi Swartz will present March 23 at the Asia Asset Management Roundtable Seminar, “The Inaugural Seminar on Digital Asset Management – Evolution or Revolution?” Panelists will discuss the future of asset management with fintech and blockchain, how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming financial services, cyber security, and the issues and challenges associated with robo advisers in Asia.”


Speaking of AI and the stock market, “Nasdaq Analytics Hub launched long signals on U.S. stocks, derived from an Artificial Intelligence technique called Ensemble Voting.”


  • While Musk continues to warn of the existential threat posed by AI, the EU has established a commission calling “for a wide, open and inclusive discussion on how to use and develop artificial intelligence both successfully and ethically sound.”


  • “Google, which recently announced a multiyear sponsorship deal making it “The Official Cloud of the NCAA,” has begun the first ad campaign for its cloud computing product with commercials in March Madness coverage.”


  • Finally, from the ‘creepy AI’ desk: “Staqu’s AI-powered ‘Smart Glass‘ is capable of a hybrid of speech and image recognition and can warn the law-abiding citizens against any potential threat around them.”