• Paul Allen is investing $125 million in his ‘Project Alexandria’: “… a long-term research effort to set benchmarks for common-sense AI, develop crowdsourcing methods to learn how humans use common sense, build a repository of common-sense knowledge, and use that knowledge to build better AI tools for tasks ranging from machine translation to computer vision.” It’s a step toward ethical general AI. The press release is here (check out the linked video).


  • According to the Russian Legal Information Agency, during his annual address to the Federal Assembly, President Putin said “it is necessary to create a legal base for developing and increased use of artificial intelligence.” He also commented that “…(S)cience, technology and skills set are the most important competitive advantage. A progressive legal base is to be promptly established for using robot technology, self-driving transport, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and big data technology. This base must be regularly updated and have fluid approach to any kind of technology.” He also mentioned “that there is a need for supporting high-technology companies. Favorable working environment is to be created for start-ups and fast introduction of advance developments to manufacturing.”


  • Artificial Lawyer has several interesting stories this morning:

– Legal AI pioneer, ROSS Intelligence, has announced an official partnership with Canada’s Vector Institute For AI. Jimoh Ovbiagele, ROSS CTO and Co-founder, will be joining its Advisory Group.

This post by Julius Reeves of legal sector recruiters, Totum Partners, extolls the benefits of Legal Project Management.

– Estonia’s, legal tech company “Avokaado, which handles contract automation, has forged a partnership with one of the country’s leading law firms, Sorainen, based in the capital Tallinn.”


  • Here’s another opinion in the never-ending debate as to whether AI will hurt lawyer employment: “Artificial Intelligence Won’t Replace Lawyers–It Will Free Them.”