• Here are my, “Three Imperatives for Legal Marketing Professionals in an Era of AI.”


  • The GDPR includes a “right to explanation,” which this author argues will necessarily limit the implementation of AI. “…a law that makes the limited scope of our ‘earth-bound’ comprehension a limit for technological progress.”

This piece explains (as have several of my prior posts) this lack of transparency inherent in much AI decision making. “There is little visibility into how AI and machine learning technologies come to their conclusions in solving problems or addressing a need, leaving practitioners in a variety of industries flying blind into significant business risks.”


  • AI news/briefs from law firms:

Clifford Chance deploys full-time team to Kira development.

Brownstein Hyatt posted this discussion about the increasing use of AI by health organizations.

Finnegan posted this piece titled, “Patenting the Future of Medicine: The Intersection of Patent Law and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.” It’s a bit technical and academic, but if you’re interested in this field, worth your time to read.

Ken Clingen of Clingen Callow & McLean from the Chicago area posted this good overview of the applications of AI in the practice of law. It’s a useful introduction.

From DLA Piper: “TechLaw podcast: disruption in outsourcing – the impact of AI & RPA.”

“Hogan Lovells partners with Elevate to create new ‘flexible lawyering’ programme.” “…to complement its existing teams when faced with unexpected demands or surges in client need.”

“McCann FitzGerald launches innovative GDPR Gap Analysis App.” “…(T)he first of its kind to be developed using an AI-driven platform.”


  • The National Law Journal has released a list of “2018 AI Leaders.” Several of those selected have issued press releases to that effect. Since they’re all listed here, I will not post those.


  • Here’s a summary of the, “three new bills intended to establish a Federal Advisory Committee on the rapidly-evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI) and to analyze and report on the impact and growth of the technology.” I have covered each before, but this is a good summary.


  • I found this quite funny: “What happens when a neural network proposes legislation?”