• This Thomson Reuters “survey of 207 in-house attorneys to measure current perceptions regarding the use of AI in corporate legal departments and the perceived benefits of AI once adopted” is a good look into the knowledge and attitudes of in-house legal departments. It should be required reading for law firm attorneys. The good news includes the fact that it is by no means too late to enter into AI conversations with clients; as of today, in-house folks tend not to be very informed or enthusiastic.

  • An aspect of AI that does not receive enough attention is ‘unintended consequences.’ This post does a solid job of outlining some (73!) of the impacts of autonomous (especially electric) vehicles that don’t get a lot of attention. Some are legal-related.


  • From Artificial Lawyer: UK-based insurance law firm BLM is partnering with the London School of Economics to develop litigation prediction models.


  • Some AI-related posts from law firms:

Hogan Lovells: “The South Africa mining industry is changing.” (AI is mentioned a couple of times.)

Thompson Coburn: “Proposal for nationalization of 5G network is dead on arrival.” (One mention of AI.)

Bird & Bird: “UK: Recent regulatory and market updates on energy storage.” (AI mentioned once.)