• When a client asked Gowling to use AI to analyze a large batch of contracts, they discovered that implementing the system wasn’t exactly plug & play — not even close. A struggle at first, it was ultimately “better, faster and cheaper.” This article does a good job of laying out the process, pitfalls and eventual benefits.



  • Also from Artificial Lawyer, “… Deloitte, along with Deloitte Legal* and specifically Shanghai Qin Li Law Firm, has developed an AI tool that will help companies in China with regulatory issues. Moreover, it has been trained to work in Mandarin in order to access local law and regulation changes.” Much more here.


  • Norton Rose: “Canada — Opportunity For Artificial Intelligence Stakeholders To Shape Copyright Act.” This post discusses the relevance of AI to copyright and offers to submit readers’ comments “to the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada for their consideration in preparing a submission to the government as part of the consultation process.”


  • Also from Norton Rose, this in-depth article “Autonomous Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, and the Law.” Nice placement in The Journal of Robotics,
    Artificial Intelligence & Law.



  • Hiring: This AI-based program conducts video interviews of job seekers to winnow down the candidates for in-person evaluation. HireVue “gives hypothetical scenarios and questions, records responses and produces a score based on things like word choice, facial expressions and eye contact.” Even non-verbal communications such as eye-rolls are detected. It’s seen as a step toward eliminating bias in the hiring process.