• As expected, AI-wise, Legaltech kicked off strong yesterday, including an “AI Bootcamp” called, “Use Cases and Applications of AI in Legal Services.” One of the earliest summaries I have seen is this from Artificial Lawyer. I’m especially pleased to see the emphasis on Access to Justice (A2J). The summary includes:

“(AI) can help you do good. AI providing a means to closing the access to justice gap was discussed at length. … AI allows the scaling and accessible of legal advice globally, and a few of the speakers (ROSS, Neota Logic in particular) work for companies involved in teaching law school students to apply technology to provide free legal advice via pro bonos. Now that’s a great way to use AI power – for good.”

Also check out Bob Ambrogi’s posts on LinkedIn.


  • This would be a good week for Legal Tech companies to announce new products and services, and iManage is doing just that, announcing two new offerings:

– “iManage Extract 3, an enhanced version of its award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) data extraction application. Enhancements in iManage Extract 3 include rapid self-training, which enables users to train iManage Extract 3 to locate and analyze content from documents and datasets relevant to their specific needs, without dependence on AI experts. This enhancement helps organizations speed development and deployment of new data extraction applications, speeding the automation of tasks across the enterprise.”

– “iManage Insight 10 for next generation enterprise search and knowledge management. Using RAVN AI technology, Insight 10 unlocks knowledge contained in enterprise content, by enabling universal search to identify relevant content regardless of location. For example, the product’s Insight Knowledge Graph® surfaces connections between people, expertise and knowledge to identify hidden experts, related projects and relevant clients.”


  • From King and Spaulding, their useful “Data Privacy & Security Practice Report — January 29, 2018.” There’s useful info and links to more.


  • Here, from DLA Piper is a deep dive into autonomous vehicles and law, beginning with the big picture, then deep dives into patents, liability, a paragraph on privacy, a Canadian case study and a look ahead. Well done.


  • I mentioned yesterday that Apple may be having Trouble selling the iPhone X and HomePod. Here’s more evidence.


  • Ford has patented an autonomous police car that can chase you down and give you a ticket.