At this point, it’s almost more noteworthy to see an important innovation without AI than with.

Entities like the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) will be there to tout their AI/tech chops.

Google and Amazon will be there in a big way, touting their digital assistants (I’m a big fan of both); Google is likely to dominate. One reporter has already written: “… within my first six hours of being in Vegas, I saw AI assistants (like Google and Amazon Alexa) packed into what are normally dull household items like smoke alarms, bathroom mirrors, and shower heads. I also saw them built into newer, futuristic technology like home robots.”


  • Here’s an overview of the relevance of AI to the construction industry (from drones to bricklaying) with an emphasis on contracts and contract disputes.


  • From the IBA: The Financial Stability Board (FSB), the international body that monitors and makes recommendations about the global financial system, has become the latest institution to voice its concerns in a report on the role of AI in finance.” Again, there’s concern about the gap between tech and regulation: “…software developers working on the latest tech don’t have a sufficient understanding and awareness of regulations, and regulators don’t really understand the tech developments taking place.”


  • Artificial Lawyer reports that, “Smart contract consortium, the Accord Project, which includes a number of leading law firms, has partnered with global online identity organisation, the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), to create standards for self-executing contracts.” Major players are on board/supportive.


  • These tips from Vishal Krishna for SMEs wanting to get into AI are relevant to law firms. As usual, this admonition, “the key word is ‘data’. If you don’t have it then you cannot build an AI platform.” Specific steps and toolkits are listed.