Throughout 2017 I offered tips for Legal Marketers wishing to become meaningfully involved in AI for themselves and their firms. I’ve pulled my suggestions together in this post presented in today’s “Friday 5” from Attorney at Work. Enjoy. (To help get you started if you’re a marketer new to the field, here’s a primer re “deep learning,” one aspect of AI.)


  • Big Data: “Miami-based artificial intelligence leader Premonition Analytics has recently announced the addition of information from a multitude of U.S. workers’ compensation courts to its litigation database, already considered to be the world’s most comprehensive.”


  • To paraphrase from the firm’s website: “Baker McKenzie associate, Yoon Chae, has started work at the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, reflecting Baker McKenzie’s longstanding and extensive commitment to the Forum and to innovation in the legal industry more widely. Yoon will be working on projects involving artificial intelligence and machine learning as part of a three-month placement at the Center.”


  • Again, laws and regulations regarding AI almost universally lag far behind the technology. Here’s a brief discussion of New York City’s new digital transparency bill (called “Automated Decision Systems Used by Agencies”). A link to the actual bill is here. They seem to have received input from many of the appropriate interests. A possible model for others?


  • Navigant and the American Bar Association Section of Litigation recently sponsored a forum in Chicago for legal and technology experts regarding “Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law.” Here’s a very superficial overview of some of the topics discussed. I can’t find a link to anything substantive.


  • Much has been written about Bitcoin’s astounding (and fast growing) energy consumption, leading to speculation about its long term impact on the planet/environment. This article closes with a brief discussion titled, “Is bitcoin a type of world-eating artificial intelligence?” Food for thought.


  • Info about Toyota’s next generation of intelligent vehicles will be presented at CES next week. No surprise, they’ll be loaded with AI. Here’s a preview.


  • Speaking of CES, here’s a list of this year’s exhibitors. I can’t find a single law firm. Missed opportunity?


  • Happy Friday: Here’s Justin Timberlake’s brand new AI-inspired music video.