When I started this blog seven months ago (and posts to a Facebook group about a year ago), I mentioned several times that law firms would be well advised to include mention of AI in their alerts, blog posts and other content marketing to show that they “get it” regarding this important technology, and to help their clients come up to speed. What was a way to stand out just a few months ago has now become table stakes. In just the past couple of days I have seen these posts by major US law firms:

  • K&L Gates: Using AI to fight money laundering.
  • Also K&L Gates: American banks’ focus on AI as a primary area of FinTech investment in 2018.
  • Foley: Mentions the AI being used by Ford to explore opportunities such as vending machines for car sales (seriously).
  • Bird & Bird: Mentions AI in “Technology & Communications: Trends and developments to look out for in 2018.”
  • Ropes & Gray: Attorneys explain the uniqueness AI technology presents for the protection of AI innovation.
  • Orrick: Advising PAIR Finance on financing to fund expansion of its marketing strategy and its AI tech


  • Speaking of how things have evolved very quickly, here’s an essay by my friend and colleague Elonide Semmes and me about how far AI has evolved in the business and practice of law in the past several months, and what legal marketers should be doing about it. Hint: it’s not too late to get started. (LMA membership required.)


  • This is a very interesting (and scary?) post about AI and mass surveillance, citing this amazing example of how the Chinese used facial recognition technology and their array of 170 million cameras (scheduled to grow to 400 million in the next couple of years) in public places to find and capture a BBC reporter in just seven minutes. Again, tech is far outpacing regulation.


  • This 2018 prognostication for Marketing and AI is largely consumer focused, but there are implications for B2B. “Marketers say that 2018 will see deeper personalization, innovations in voice AI and an enhanced view of the customer journey.” GDPR is mentioned (“may throw some wrinkles into the process”).


  • From Law.com (subscription required) “What 2017’s Trends Can Mean for Big Law in 2018.” You guessed it, AI-related tech is included.



And regardless of your beliefs, have a Merry Christmas everyone!