• In this piece, Frost Brown Todd LLC‘s Jane Hils Shea provides a good overview of some of the cybersecurity and privacy concerns generated by consumer-facing AI (e.g., autonomous vehicles and children’s toys).


  • I love this idea from Artificial Lawyer — a law firm seconding an associate to an AI firm.


  • I agree with this post by EY’s Chris Mazzei and Nigel Duffy (Global Innovation AI Leader) in which they discuss the risk of and barriers to businesses’ adoption of AI, and posits that “(t)he biggest risk is non-adoption.” Duffy says, “AI is likely to create winners and losers, and those who start adopting the technology early stand to be at a significant advantage.”


  • From Finance Monthly, “With the introduction of blockchain technology and the implementation of the token economy, Gary McKay, CEO and founder of APPII, believes the 4th industrial revolution is about to take place, potentially in the coming year.”


  • This is so 2018 — an online app store where all of the apps are AI-related and the transactions are conducted in cryptocurrency.


  • Here’s is a very interesting essay by Carlos E. Perez about AI’s facility with intuition, a capability impossible with rules-based systems.


  • And following up on yesterday’s post about Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), this article by  digs into the possibilities of AI being self-aware (i.e., conscious). Very interesting. (Time for some quantum physics!)

In this related interesting piece, Daniel Shapiro, PhD argues that AGI is really not much of an existential threat, at least for a while.