Y’all come! I’m be speaking on my home turf, the southeast, at LMA luncheons in Richmond (today), Nashville (Thursday) and Atlanta (Friday) this week. As always, I’ll present the latest in AI generally, and especially as related to the legal industry.


  • AI is not just for huge, IT-savvy entities anymore. Many are now providing “Artificial Intelligence as a Service” (AIaaS). This makes entry affordable for just about anyone, including law firms outside the Big Law ranks.


  • But back in the world of the huge, PwC, EY and Deloitte are making serious use of AI in ways relevant to law. These include: natural language processing (NLP), anomaly detection and report writing. All “better, faster, cheaper.” Speaking of EY, here’s more from Artificial Lawyer about their AI strategy.


  • Seal Software is grabbing a large slice of the healthcare world’s need for contract AI through a strategic partnership with TractManager Inc. (MediTract). “One quarter of all US hospitals use Meditract for compliant contract management.”


  • ALM reports that “Large law firms should learn from the growth of alternative legal service providers, according to a new survey by the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium.” (This story requires subscription.)


  • Speaking of subscriptions, why in the world would Holland & Knight limit demonstration of their AI expertise with a story like this (“AI in Discovery: The Future Is Now”) by putting it behind a subscription barrier?



  • Artificial Lawyer reports that “Global law firm Allen & Overy’s online subscription business, aosphere, has unveiled a new range of legal and RegTech apps built using the platform of expert systems pioneer, Neota Logic.”


  • Here’s a clever marketing ploy: promote the new generation of AI-enabled phones, not as “smart phones,” but as “intelligent phones.”


  • There have been several stories in the last few days about AI systems, including necessary data, getting compact enough to put on a mobile device without direct/continuous Internet access. Here’s one such report. And another.