• Robert Ambrogi also attended the College of Law Practice Management’s Futures Conference last week. Here’s his take on a bit of hype, and how he believes AI can, in several ways, be a positive force in law.


  • Check out this very interesting post from Artificial Lawyer. There is yet another player in the “contracts” space, but this one is quite different. With Jury.Online anyone can be an arbiter in a contract dispute. It’s Blockchain-based and registered in Estonia. Probably inherently incompatible with US bar rules, it may be a good thing for A2J in countries with more progressive legal frameworks.


  • Again, if your firm does deals, AI should be on your radar. Without going out of my way to look for them, I ran across these stories this morning:

– London and Berlin based Ada Health (uses AI to diagnose symptoms) has raised €40m to grow the business and expand to the US.

– BrainChip raises A$21.5 million in an oversubscribed share placement.

– China’s CDH Investments and Hong Kong-based start-up SenseTime Group are raising about $453 million to invest in firms working on AI technology.


  • Here’s more detail about CaseCrunch (a legal AI startup founded by Cambridge law students) and its competition directly pitting 112 lawyers against artificial intelligence in a “Man v Machine” battle.