Last week’s College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference was all AI and pretty amazing. I won’t try to summarize it here. For a recap, check out my Twitter feed (@MarkTGreene). Next year’s conference will be at the Soffolk University Law School in Boston, October 25-26. The focus will be cybersecurity.


  • If your firm is planning to do business in, or related to, the EU next year, especially if you’re using AI, you’ve got to come to grips with the upcoming GDPR. Details here.


  • This article from The Globe and Mail explains how “artificial intelligence takes the drudgery out of legal work.” It repeatedly uses the example of Blue J Legal, an AI product primarily focused on tax. A2J is discussed.


  • According to Artificial Lawyer, the result are in for Case-Crunch’s challenge to real lawyers in predicting financial product mis-selling claims. The results are here.


  • A new study by the UN (Artificial Intelligence and Broadband Divide: State of ICT Connectivity in Asia and the Pacific 2017) finds that countries with poor broadband infrastructure are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to AI development and uptake. Summary here.


  • I’ve mentioned a few times that Saudi Arabia is making moves to become a serious AI player. In what seems to be a publicity stunt, last week they granted AI robot Sophia “citizenship.” (With more rights than human women.) Now she’s (or “it’s” or whatever) in a Trump-esque Twitter feud with Elon Musk. This is pretty funny. (But this professor is seriously concerned.)

Meanwhile, Estonia is headed toward becoming the first country to grant AI some form of juristic personality, giving robots personal rights and responsibilities.


  • One of my favorite sessions at the Futures Conference was a presentation by Prof. Ashok Goel regarding Georgia Tech’s chatbot Teaching Assistant, Jill Watson. It’s a great example of how far chatbots have come. Here’s a summary from earlier this year.


  • Forget about Amazon’s HQ2, where will AI be headquartered? Seems there’s a clear winner.


  • Here’s an interesting piece about AI impacting journalism, and news in general, in the short term. It’s certainly relevant to law firm Client Alerts.


  • You know that Captcha website security check system? It seems it’s no match for AI’s ability to identify images.


  • For several decades, Moore’s Law was remarkable in its ability to predict the speed with which more transistors could be packed into an integrated circuit. As we seem to be reaching the end of our ability to pack on more transistors, some have predicted that AI’s growth will be stifled. For several relatively independent reasons, this does not seem to be the case, and AI will continue its ever-accelerating race to The Singularity.


  • This is a rather long but very interesting piece about the need to incorporate emotion into AI.


  • It has been a while since I’ve provided an AI primer for those new to the subject, so here’s a brand new one by Apoorv Saxena, lead product manager at Google and co-founder of the AI Frontiers conference. Here’s another that’s MUCH more visual. This is a good overview of the debate you may have heard about concerning the possible threats of AI. And here’s an overview of the most important players in each area/industry related to AI.