My favorite new phrases this week: “A.I. Anxiety,” and “Sex, Lies and A.I.”

  • If your firm has a capital markets practice or does IP, you should form an Artificial Intelligence Industry Team. There is much legal work being generated here and it is not going to slow down; maybe not in our lifetimes. Every one of my daily posts has good examples of these opportunities, and here’s another. And here’s a bit of a breakdown of the investment opportunities by sector.


  • The bipartisan AI Caucus, founded in May, is aiming to educate the government and fellow lawmakers that advanced technology — from autonomous vehicles to other smart machines — is not evil and could improve people’s lives and boost the economy. This article presents an interview with the Chairs and explains what they’re trying to accomplish. To wit: educate Congress re “safety, cybersecurity, ethics, information security, data security, and on and on and on.”


  • 92% of Brits believe that AI in advertising should be regulated, and 85% believe the “Blade Runner” principle should be employed: “it should be illegal for AI applications such as social media bots, chatbots and virtual assistants to conceal their identity and pose as humans.”


  • Google is making major strides in bringing its AI into your everyday life. One example is its just-announced wireless headphones, called Pixel Buds. In addition to relaying audio from the phone, the headphones can also translate spoken language in real time. Wow.