• AI is already doing a lot of journalistic writing of clinical reports, sports stories, financial reports and the like. They’ll be moving into law firm “content marketing” before you know it. Here’s some good background as to how it works and where it’s headed.


  • The thesis of this article is:

“AI has not yet replaced expert human IP search professionals! And we don’t expect that it will any time soon. However, AI has had a notable and measurable impact on how prior art searches are executed and the accuracy and quality of the resulted they yield.”

Read here for the full piece.


  • Salesforce always has solid content about the use of AI in marketing and sales. This piece about marketing is no exception. It describes several of the AI tools that you will be using soon even if you’re not today.


  • I keep warning you that the GDPR will be here before you know it, but you’re not aggressively getting ready, are you? Here’s a good piece about how Informatica can help you use AI tools to get ready better, faster and cheaper.


  • New York-based legal tech firm Axiom is moving into Seattle with an R&D center. They recently recruited former Concur President Elana Donio as its new CEO and now they’ve added Microsoft vet Doug Hebenthal, who will also serve as the company’s chief technology officer.


  • Talk about AI as a threat is heating up again (after about a week of quiet). This good piece from Futurism presents the reasons that one should overcome their “AI Anxiety” and get on board the AI train regardless of the threats. If yo’re Interested in this subject, consider this a “really should read.”


  • If that last bullet didn’t get your attention, read this post about the United Nations’ suggestion that AI “could destabilize the world.”


  • Even Terminator director James Cameron is being both “scared and seduced by AI.” On balance, he’s “just scared.”


  • Many people are made uncomfortable by AI because they cannot understand how (as in “if/then”) decisions are made. That’s inherent in most of AI; it’s a mysterious black box. Regulators in particular are going to have to deal with the fact that AI is all about accurate prediction, not about providing a path to decisions you can understand. This article does a good job discussing that conundrum.