Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis and Prescription

I have spent the past year visiting law firms and presenting to conferences regarding Artificial Intelligence. The question I am asked much more than any other is, “so what should we do now?” Good question. In response, I am very pleased to announce the launch of my new service for law firms, “AI Diagnosis and Prescription.”

I will work with your firm’s leadership to diagnose the firm’s cultural, business and technological needs and readiness for various Artificial Intelligence-related products and services in both its legal practices and its business processes. I will then prescribe specific applications of AI (and related technologies) that could be employed in the short term to make the firm’s legal practices and business processes better, faster and cheaper. Details here.


And now, today’s Legal AI news:

  • Settlement Analytics from Hong Kong offers “proactive and calibrated trial-avoidance measures.” This includes prediction as to whether your case will go all the way to trail and adjudication. Details here as well as some skeptical thoughts from law firm attorneys.


  • This article‘s title says it all, “Dear CEOs: Artificial Intelligence is your biggest threat, and your biggest opportunity.” Many have written some variant of the warning: it’s no longer the big that will eat the small, it’s the AI-enabled that will eat the Luddites.


  • According to this article from Scientific American, “A true AI revolution can’t happen without a re-engineering of how business organizations operate.” I expect this gives advantage to smaller, more nimble firms over the AmLaw 100.


  • Here’s another player in the Contract Management space, Apttus.