• Upcoming Webinar: “Artificial Intelligence – how could it potentially help bridge the Cyber-skills Gap.” October 4, 2017. Speakers will include Mark Deem, Partner at Cooley LLP. More info here.


  • There have been quite a few articles lately about various forms of bias inherent in AI. Here’s a summary. Sounds to me like litigation will eventually follow.


  • According to Artificial Lawyer, Intraspexion has announced that the US Patent & Trademark Office has granted the company seven deep learning patents for its pioneering legal risk early warning system.


  • Your firm is unlikely to be using Chatbots yet, but almost certainly will. It may be useful to know that consumers prefer fairly young female ‘bots that look human. Law firm clients may differ. Regardless, your Chatbot’s persona should be consistent with your brand strategy. Much more about Chatbots in both of these articles.

Amdocs’ Smartbot seems an especially powerful tool for developing your Chatbots (e.g., integration with your CRM).

DoNotPay’s Chatbot is helping customers sue Equifax over the recent data breach.

Here’s an interesting thought piece about our “relationships” with AI, including Chatbots.


  • Texas Lawyer has started a five-part series, “5 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Robo-Lawyer.” In Part One, Finnegan’s Robert Kramer suggests that Robo-lawyers are inevitable, but as of today very limited.


  • Of course, there is real substance to the use of AI in law firms, but there is also a great deal of hype. This article addresses the hype vs. substance issue, and provides a guide to enterprises (including professional service firms) adopting AI.


  • Interesting read: “11 Tech Leaders Explain The Potential Of AI For Businesses.”


  • Many are balking at paying $1000+ for an iPhone, but paying that much for the device’s AI capabilities (e.g., neural net chip focused on image recognition and augmented reality) seems like a pretty good deal. Here’s a description of the iPhone X’s AI prowess.