• “See a robot lawyer in action.” This webinar shows tools from Neota Logic, HighQ and RAVN (now part of iManage) combined to evaluate a real estate lease portfolio.

Artificial Lawyer discusses another combination; in this case, Neota, Kira and HighQ working together to create a “real estate solution for Linklaters’ Australian ally, Allens.”


  • Better, Faster, CHEAPER. According to Artificial Lawyer, India’s Anvi Legal is about to start a price war in the doc review market.


  • Allen & Overy has set up a tech innovation space in its London offices called Fuse. The first eight companies selected to work there are:

Avvoka – a digital platform incorporating a contract creation, workflow and analytics tool.

Corlytics – a business providing regulatory risk intelligence, using forensic analysis and forecasting of fines and sentencing globally.

iManage – previously known as RAVN, a business developing natural language processing and machine learning technology to organise, discover and summarise documents.

Ithaca – a charitable not-for-profit enterprise aiming to create a mobile-responsive online technology platform to assist asylum seekers in gaining access to pro bono legal representation and advice.

Legatics – a company that turns ‘paper and email’ based legal processes into simple and innovative software.

Opus 2 International – originally a developer of litigation and transcript management software, now developing a tool to support lawyers with the prospectus verification process.

Vable – a provider of content aggregation, automation and intelligence software.


  • This is an excellent overview of “How Chatbots Can Transform Your Business,” what’s already in place and where things are headed (within companies, business-to-business, and of course, business-to-consumer).


  • Here’s a cool new use of AI. Developer Abhinav Suri has come up with a tool to let the visually impaired get much more out of the web. (Approximately 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide.) AI tools are used to quickly provide descriptions of images on screen.