• Here are some interesting reasons that AI won’t completely replace humans in areas such as negotiation. There may be some long term hope for lawyers!


  • As Big Data gets bigger and bigger, law firms and law schools are hiring more privacy experts. Here are some examples from Baker Hostetler, Panetta & Associati Law Firm, and Paul Hastings.


  • Regarding cybersecurity, this author believes that Machine Learning “applied appropriately, offers exciting new opportunities for cybersecurity. We are witnessing the dawn of a new era of productivity and enhanced protection, but we must avoid the temptation to believe the marketing hype.”


  • I’ve posted a lot about the investments various governments are making to support AI development in their countries. For now, Malcolm Frank, head of strategy at Cognizant believes “the United States, China and India are far ahead of anyone else.”


  • There was quite a bit more conversation over the weekend about the plea from Musk and others that the UN ban AI in weapons. Many believe it’s too late as this ship has already sailed (or drone taken flight). Others maintain that the US military may falling behind, especially in recruiting developers.


  • Virtual assistants have been coming on lately, especially regarding detecting emotion. Servion has won an international award in this category for an entry that “can also detect customer’s emotions, perform transactions, and augment context and personalisation while elevating the overall customer experience.”


  • Speaking of awards, Brand Networks has won an award from Forrester Research in the area of Social Advertising Technology. Forrester highlights Brand Networks as “one of the social adtech pioneers pushing for marketing ecosystem integration, especially in marketing measurement and optimization, business intelligence, and CRM.” Their algorithm “is said to maximize the cost and performance of ads in near real-time using artificial intelligence.” Sounds very applicable to law firms.


  • AT&T Foundry has taken a deep look into the ways AI is most likely to impact our future lives. The result is “five bold predictions.” You’ll need to check out the brief report to see what they really mean by each.

1. Humans Have More Room to be Human
2. Be Everywhere as Data is Everywhere
3. Connectivity Instantly Powers Your Own Adventure
4. Consumers Go from One Click to Zero Clicks
5. Ethical AI Controls for Bias


A bit of a warning: if you conduct a daily comprehensive search for AI, you’ll learn quite a lot about Amnesty International and way more than you’ll probably want about the Artificial Insemination of livestock. Just sayin’.