I expect a flood of interesting developments from ILTACON17 this week. I’ll do my best to focus on the essentials. I won’t post links to every press release (e.g.), only those with an interesting story or, IMHO, really breakthrough tech. (It’s still early Monday morning so there’s not yet much news from Vegas, where I expect many of the newsmakers are still asleep or nursing hangovers from the weekend.)


  • I’ve been posting quite a few announcements about law firms selecting AI vendors and issuing press releases. Seems I should be doing the same re ALSPs and their partners. For instance, Artificial Lawyer reports that in the UK, Carillion Advice Services has selected Luminance. I’m sure there will be a LOT of that coming from ILTA.


Not all of the interesting AI news is coming from Vegas.

  • For instance, at the ABA meeting in NYC, IBM continues to suggest AI is not a threat, and we should think of Augmented Intelligence helping people with their jobs, rather than displacing them. And according to a survey by Adobe, most of the office workers who would be displaced are optimistic about AI helping them and not worried–yet.


  • Richard Susskind has fresh thoughts about AI and the legal profession. Spoiler alert: he thinks it’s “exciting!” He believes it will be positive for A2J, but worries that the Luddites (my word) running firms today will hold back the enthusiasm the younger attorneys most likely to benefit.

In a related story from The Guardian, there’s optimism in the UK about AI helping with A2J, even though “…the new EU general data protection regulation explicitly states that individuals have the right not to be subject to a decision when it is based on automated processing….”



  • If all this talk about AI and your job has you concerned, not to worry, AI can help you spiff up your resume and interviewing skills as you look for your next opportunity.


  • For the Legal Marketers out there, here’s an interesting article about how AI will change the methods, substance and measurement of advertising. It’s not much of a reach to see how this will eventually come to law firms.



  • Seems Elon Musk really wants some AI regulation. He has doubled down on his rhetoric about how AI is to be feared. (HT to @DanielBGreene for this story.) Meanwhile, folks (like Musk’s own company, OpenAI) are teaching AI to behave, and other have contrary views about the threat. IBM seems to come down somewhere in the middle.