• Recent rapid and accelerating advances in AI after decades of lethargy have been driven by major advances in three areas: more sophisticated analytic algorithms, more processing horsepower, and accessible and connectable big data. A major step forward in the data arena could be in the offing as the Manzama intelligence platform continues to develop partnerships beyond the major CRM systems to include data from Dunn & Bradstreet. (Disclosure: I’m a long time user and fan of Manzama, source of much of the news you see here.)


  • Yesterday, my friend and colleague Darryl Cross and I conducted a brief webinar about AI in the legal industry, particularly focusing on it’s relevance to “high performance teams.” Here ’tis.


  • This post summarizes some of the techniques corporate clients are using to reduce their outside counsel spend. For instance: IBM Watson Legal’s “Outside Counsel Insights” and “Serengeti Tracker” (now TR’s “Legal Tracker“)


  • The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) is forming a “Marketing Technologies” special interest group (SIG). I expect AI will be a subject of focus.

  • This article draws an analogy to Billy Joel’s song, “Summer, Highland Falls,” “It’s either sadness or euphoria,” to temper a bit the extreme predictions of AI’s medium-term impacts, particularly on jobs.

And here, Andrew Ng says the kerfuffle between Musk and Zuckerberg misses the point. The imminent threat of AI is “job displacement.” More of Ng on this subject here.


  • This article raises some interesting points about calls for regulation of AI tech, particularly the questions as to who should develop the regulations and who should be responsible for enforcement.

Progress toward some principles upon which to base regulation was made this January when several of the top minds in AI met in California to develop the Asilomar AI Principles. The Partnership on AI has a related set of “tenets.”


  • There have been several instances in which AI systems have begun to develop their own languages to function more effectively/efficiently. Recently, a system at Facebook was shut down when its monitors felt it was getting a bit out of control. This piece discusses how this development may be a reasonable cause for concern of robots run amuck.


  • I enjoyed this article about AI’s promise to free humans from the need to be “productive and instead focus on creative.

Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, says AI isn’t about eliminating jobs, but eliminating “tasks of jobs” and creating new roles more suited to humans that require traits robots haven’t yet grasped, such as empathy, communication, and interdisciplinary problem-solving.