• This initiative by dozens of GCs to determine “which in-house and law firm management approaches work best” could be an excellent application of AI. As described here, “the data set has already grown to represent thousands of matters; as the project continues, it will encompass millions of data points allowing for a detailed analysis of many critical questions.” If data collection continues over time, as law firms and corporate counsel change behaviors and measure results, sophisticated longitudinal analysis (e.g., “AI”) could be applied to tease out cause-and-effect relationships. Could be very cool.

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  • Does AI have more in common with Yo-Yo Ma or a lawyer? Here, Ken Grady, without ever mentioning the terms, presents an interesting take on the much discussed distinction between “Specialized AI” (a.k.a., specific, narrow, weak, vertical) and “General AI” (a.k.a., strong, super) arguing that the role of the lawyer is much more general than specialized. To me, this translates into the near term versus longer term threat to the attorney’s various roles.

[This is just a nit, but I take issue with Mr. Grady’s assertion that “(t)here is no area which receives more AI hype than law.” Lordy, no — just spend an hour or two perusing the discussion (hype) going on about AI in medicine/pharmaceuticals.]

For a bit more fine distinctions than just “general” and “specialized” AI, check out this brief post.


  • Here’s (link to full response at bottom) the European Commission’s initial response to its mandate to lead the way on liability rules and ethical standards for Artificial Intelligence. And here’s a bit of analysis thereof.

And here’s a bit of a flip on that; instead of regulating AI, in the UK, progress is being made on using AI to enforce financial regulations: “The Financial Conduct Authority, an independent U.K. financial regulatory body, is looking into the possible use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning tools to enforce regulatory compliance.”


  • If you think AI is poised to rock the legal world, just check out the agenda of Day Two of MB 2017 (MB=”Mobile Beat”) for what’s going on in retail marketing. Wow.

“Artificial intelligence is affecting the entire marketing ecosystem. Every brand, marketer, product manager and innovator must be ready to harness the disruptive impact AI is having as it pushes forward intelligent assistants, bots, smart voice and predictive analytics and more. We’ll be exploring it all over two intensive days at MB 2017.”