There’s much to catch up on from the four-day weekend here in the USA. Here’s my best attempt to distill the information most important for you to see:

  • McKinsey’s lastest “What’s now and next in analytics, AI, and automation.” Summary with link to full PDF. Certainly work a skim.


  • Cravath Swaine & Moore has joined the growing ranks of elite law firms turning to artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve efficiency and cut costs, signing a deal with UK software company Luminance. Details and interesting comments here. Australia’s Gilbert & Tobin has also adopted Luminance.
  • Google’s DeepMind Trial Failed to Comply with Data Protection Laws.
  • American Lawyer Highlights Rise of the CKO in 2017 Survey of Library, Knowledge Management and Research Professionals.
  • UCLA Law receives $1.5 million for artificial intelligence research project and fellowships.
  • More on laws & regulation trying to keep up with AI tech. This time in the UK.
  • Law firms continue to position themselves as AI thought leaders. Here’s an example from Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer. (I’m not used to that name yet!)
  • Thomson Reuters has launched an incubator in Switzerland that will “host early-stage entrepreneurs building products in big data, advanced analytics, distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other transformational technologies.”
  • This Venture Beat post should be encouraging to small firms considering AI.
  • This article makes the argument that rather than replacing marketers’ jobs, AI will free marketers to be more effective and do more interesting work. “Creativity will be unleashed by artificial intelligence.”
  • “Artificial intelligence: the technology that threatens to overhaul our rights.” Amnesty International attended the “AI for Good” summit. Here are their observations and recommendations.

For a more in-depth discussion of AI and ethics, check this article.

3d rendering of human brain on technology background represent artificial intelligence and cyber space concept
  • Augmented Reality (AR) hasn’t been getting as much attention as some other aspects of AI. If you’d like to maintain at least a basic understanding of what’s going on in this field and where it’s headed, read this post.
  • As you’ve seen, I’m fascinated by the jockeying that’s going on between governments to assemble AI talent and manage national investment, especially as the US steps back from world leadership. Here’s some recent news from Canada and China and more China.
  • Tired of typing? Here’s how to dictate directly into Microsoft Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • This post is quite a bit off topic for this blog, but I loved it, so here you go: “The Future of Education: How A.I. and Immersive Tech Will Reshape Learning Forever.” Fascinating stuff.
  • And finally, after all of this heavy stuff, two AI’s pranking each other.