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  • Altman Weil has released its 2017 Law Firms in Transition Survey. One of the questions is: “Technology tools that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning — like Watson and Ross — are beginning to be adopted by some law firms. What is your firm’s stance on the use of AI tools?” With this narrow definition, only 7.5% “are already beginning to make use of these tools.” Of course, many more than this are already using eDiscovery and other forms of AI. In these survey results there is a very strong positive correlation between size of firm and use of AI tools.



“[AI is] doing for minds what the Industrial Revolution did for muscles.”



June 9, 2017

– It’s Friday, so here are the best AI movies of the past decade:…/10-best-artificial-intelligence-mo…


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– Fenwick brings in heavyweight to focus on “revolutionary technologies.”…

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– Is AI the solution to our “lawyers directories” nightmare?…/crunch-time-…/5061463.article

– FT report on a few firms using AI:…/19807d3e-1765-11e6-9d98-00386a18e39d


June 8, 2017

– AI-related autonomous vehicle IP litigation:


– DISCO AI claims to be the fastest at eDiscovery:…/DISCO-Launches-Artificial-Intellig…

– CRM: Salesforce ABM (Account Based Marketing) for B2B:…

– AI’s impact on Google AdWords:…

– Training problems with AI Contract Review:…/Think-AI-Contract-Review-is-…

– Epstein Becker webinar on Machine Learning in clinical decision support:…/webinar-on-what-investors-and-star…/

– Using AI to eliminate bias in recruiting:…/amberjack-innovates-by-driving-digit…

– AI replacing Financial Advisors?…/robo-advisors-partnerships-and-…

– F500 CEOs see fast changing technology as their biggest challenge and AI as a leading opportunity for investment:…/06/08/fortune-500-companies-ceo-survey/

Hat tip to Manzama. I have Google alerts for a lot of this stuff but the best targeted and most comprehensive information comes from my Manzama subscription. #Manzama


June 6, 2017

– Attorneys need to keep up with AI regulation (a Canadian focus, but global info)…/speaker-s-corner-lawyers-need…

– Environmental Law: A cool tool for your attorneys working in air quality.…

– Lots of AI buzz from yesterday’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC):…


Also from the Apple WWDC, in case you have any doubt about the exponential growth of processing power needed to keep pushing AI boundaries:


June 5, 2017

– Another of the many articles either saying “the sky is falling,” or “nothing happening here, move along, move along.” This an over-simplification in that the net impact of AI on legal jobs may not be drastic, but the changes within the job market have been and will continue to be profound. For instance, how many people does your firm have reviewing documents today versus a decade ago?


– AI in Marketing. See especially the comments about ChatBots. As Elonide Caldwell Semmes has said several times, these will be an important component of our best websites before you know it.…/…/

– Here’s a good discussion of the different and complementary roles of attorneys and AI. The author believes the complete takeover by AI is probably “far off in the future.” Most attorneys seem to be betting on him being right.…/why-artificial-intelligence-cant-com…/… <subscription required>


May 25, 2017

– Another provider of AI-based contract review:…/legal-tech-firm-tur…

– A law school’s take on the coming impact of AI:


May 22, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Website Design: 



May 3, 2017

AI to pick you next jury? Well, maybe not the next one.


May 3, 2017

I am frequently asked how a firm below the AmLaw 200 can employ Artificial Intelligence. My usual response is that they should contact some of the AI vendors in the legal space and look for a partner.

Another route is to talk with one of the AI vendors outside our industry who work with smaller enterprises. One such company had some good news just yesterday:


May 2, 2017

One of AI’s biggest threats to Big Law is empowerment of inside counsel to take more control of all aspects of their legal work. This article makes a couple of interesting points about workflow automation.