• AI writer “Emma” is getting better and better. It’s especially interesting when she/it writes about AI.


  • Talk about a WILD guess–Accenture predicts that, “Artificial intelligence has potential to increase corporate profitability in 16 Industries by an average of 38 percent by 2035.” The idea that anyone can predict where AI will be in 18 years is “interesting.”
  • One of the most exciting developments in AI over the past year or so has been major players making their work “open source,” giving smaller institutions easier access to the AI arena. This is the first time I’ve seen Semantic Web code being open-sourced.
  • My colleagues Elonide Semmes, Patrick Fuller and Mark Masson and I repeatedly make the point that for AI, data is the sine qua non.  This article explains why. (“Yes, for AI, it really is all about the data.”)
  • This survey shows that content marketers are becoming more sophisticated, but they still don’t seem to “get it” regarding AI.
  • This author finds AI both “overhyped and underappreciated,” but he sees great utility in AI for risk management. Hear! Hear! (“The future belongs to pragmatic AI.”)
  • Focus on AI and AR up, IoT down: survey of 1000+ corporate marketers worldwide.IMG_0434