• Ready for your weekend reading? Here’s the introduction to McKinsey’s new comprehensive report on the state and future of AI. Here’s the full 80-page PDF. In typical McKinsey style, it includes case studies, a lot of useful data, a comprehensive set of references and several informative infographics. (See above.)

The legal industry is not discussed per se, but Professional Services are discussed several times.

  • Here are some thoughts from Salesforce about how an SMB (small or medium-sized business) might employ AI. Some are transferable to law firms below the AmLaw 200.


  • More from Salesforce. This study has some very bold predictions about the impact of AI-driven CRM. Check out the statistics in this infographic.
  • Wanna open your blogs and social media to public comment? This approach by Google and the NYT may help.
  • I have posted several articles about the fact that AI tech is far outpacing AI regulation. Here’s another article with some interesting slants on ethics and AI.